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Turbo is a heat setting, high-solids resin that is used as a sealant or joint dressing on machined, grooved, or threaded joints. Turbo comes in 2 forms:

  • Turbo-R is a 100% solids, viscous resin
  • Turbo-50 is slightly thinned to aid in application

Turbo is widely used as a turbine sealant along split lines and bonnet joints. Sealant will act as a lubricant to aid in assembly prior to torqueing the joint together and heat curing. Turbo is suited for sealing smooth to slightly pitted or steam cut joints of turbines, boilers, heat exchangers, compressors, pumps, blowers, piping, sealing Yankee dryers (injection), or a variety of other high temperature/pressure metal-to-metal joint applications. (If a joint is warped or has steam cuts, Silver Seal II or Temp Tite II should be used.) Turbo expands under heat and cures to a leathery-like consistency, and will not crack due to thermal cycling or vibration. Joint disassembly is easy as the sealant does not excessively harden, which allows for quick separation. Turbo is not classified as hazardous materials and are able to be shipped by any means worldwide.

*If a joint is warped or has steam cuts, Silver Seal II or Temp Tite II should be used.

Typical Applications

  • Casing and bonnet joints on steam and gas turbines

  • Threaded joints on steam, vapor, gas and chemical lines

  • Pump, blower and engine joints (dressing for head gaskets)

  • Boiler joints

  • Cement binder for gaskets


  • High temperature capability (950oF)
  • High pressure resistance (750psi)
  • Resistant to corrosion and galling
  • Resists joint movement and vibration
  • Resists most acids, solvents and steam
  • Turbo is not classified as a hazardous material and is able to be shipped by any means worldwide
  • Turbo is available through our Just-In-Time shipping program


turbo sealant

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