Alignment Tab Shims


.001″ – .125″


Full = 25 shims

Economy = 20 shims

Starter = 10-12 shims

Tab Shim Kits

Our alignment tab shims, or “PRE-CUTS,” are ideal for clients who need alignment shims with budget constrictions. Not only are our shim kits pre-cut to produce a product that is several times more affordable than hand-cut shims, but our durable, corrosion-resistant 304 stainless steel tab shims are reusable, too. Additionally, you can increase your available warehouse space by not needing to carry a large foil stock. Each shim is marked with its size, so there’s no guessing on your end. Finally, the nature of our PRE-CUTS eliminates burrs, snip cuts, and square edges–meaning that our shims better fit your projects and are safer to handle, too.

Why IGS pre-cuts?

When your project requires reusable stainless steel shims on a smaller budget, alignment tab shims are perfect for the job. Tab shims are typically used in shaft alignment of rotating equipment in many applications and industries: steel mills, paper mills, chemical plants, refineries, power plants, turbines, fans, pumps, blowers, gear boxes, and much more. Special thicknesses of shims can be replaced if you use more of one thickness than others. This eliminates waste of unused shims as compared to buying a whole kit just for a few shims.

Shim Size NEMA Frame Numbers
A & OA 42, 48, 56, 143, 145, 162-169, 182-189, 213-219, 1610, 1810 and 2110
B & OB 66, 253-259, 283-289 and 323-329
C & OC 203, 204, 224, 225, 363-369, 403-409, 443-449 and 504-509
D & OD 502-509, 582-589 and 681-689

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