Laminated Shims


All laminated material meets


  • Steel

  • Stainless Steel

  • Copper

  • Brass

  • Aluminum

Stainless Steel

More Control with Laminated Shims

Our proprietary laminated method controls ‘ease of peel’, providing safe use and reduces operational expenses.

Our laminated shims allow you to forego stacking individual shims and offer you the option of “sizing” a particular shim by adjusting to the desired thickness. This option allows you to have control over your tolerances, saving time for your projects and giving your engineers more control over their work.

We provide the highest quality laminated shim material in the industry.

What are laminated shims?

Laminated shims are shims that have peelable layers that allow you to adjust the thickness of the shims right at the assembly line. Instead of keeping large stocks of different sized shims or stacking loose shims, an assembly line engineer can peel back the layers of the shim to adjust for tolerances right on the site.

Benefits of Laminated Shims

  • The close tolerances of a precision shim are obtained without the considerable time and expense of precision manufacturing for each shim.

  • Significant savings on shim inventory and handling damage.

  • Prevents dirt and foreign matter from being introduced between layers.

  • The compressibility or “cold flow” of a laminated shim is less than that of either a solid or a loose leaf shim.

  • Stand up very well to machining and shearing.

Laminated shims are available in brass, carbon steel, stainless steel, and aluminum. Shims can be fabricated with full lamination, or from 1/2 solid or 3/4 solid stock. IGS Industries’ laminated shims are fabricated from sheets manufactured according to AMS-DTL-22499.

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