COPALTITE at IGS Industries

COPALTITE is a heat-resistant compound used for sealing threads, flanges, and other fittings where very high temperatures and pressures are involved.  COPALTITE is especially effective in the temperature range of 315 degrees to 1500 degrees Fahrenheit.  For example, after heating the area to be sealed for 15 minutes at 300 degrees Fahrenheit the COPALTITE cures into an extremely heat and chemically resistant sealant.  Its immunity to vibration, thermal shock, and chemicals is matchless.  Although the seal is permanent, it may be broken when required.

Product Specifications

COPALTITE contains no zinc, arsenic, antimony, bismuth, or miscellaneous metals. 

Trace Elements (average) Amount
Lead 10 PPM
Mercury 10 PPM
Sodium 100 PPM
Copper 10 PPM
Fluorine 10 PPM
Phosphorus 10 ppm
Chlorine 100 PPM
Sulfur 0.18%
Spec Performance
Consistency Liquid form: 10,000 cps viscosity

Cement form: 80,000 cps viscosity

Percent Solids High Solids content averages 86%
Adhesion Good to metals, ceramic, glass and most plastics
Shrinkage Less than 1% (cement form)
Coefficient of Expansion Approximately 50 x 10-6
Chemical Resistance Steam – Excellent

Oil – Excellent

Acids – Good

Ammonia – Excellent

Hydraulic Fluids – Excellent


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