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As a universal, non-setting jointing compound, Hylomar provides you a product that is easy to use, has unlimited assembly time, and makes it simple to disassemble components. Hylomar does not harden but instead transforms into a flexible putty when the solvent evaporates. These sealants excel at resisting vibration. You can use them on metal-to-metal joint surfaces to replace conventional preformed gaskets or as a gasket dressing to improve the sealing performance of the gasket (and to assist gasket alignment during assembly). Hylomar sealants also allow parts to be disassembled and reassembled without reapplication. Their non-hardening formulas maintain seal integrity even when subjected to thermal distortion and vibration. When your project demands tough results from a non-hardening, polyurethane-based gasket/jointing compound, Hylomar sealants are here to answer the call.

Why Hylomar?

Hylomar sealants have delivered over 40 years of proven, time-tested results. In fact, Hylomar Universal Blue reigns supreme as the leading non-setting gasket & jointing compound in the world. Hylomar sealants are approved for automotive engines, transmissions, motorcycle engines, power generation, electric motors, pump manufacture, valve manufacturing, refineries, industrial radiators, tractors, chemical, mining, marine engines, railways, packaging machinery, paper machinery, aero-engines, and defense industries.

Unlike RTV silicones (which break down in the presence of fuels, coolants, gases, and oils), Hylomar sealants’ sealing ability is unaffected by these fluids. Seal integrity can be maintained around fuel pumps, fittings and transaxle joints. The Hylomar sealants operate in a temperature range of -58°F (-50°C) to 480°F (250°C).

Hylomar sealants can be used as a gasket-maker between precision-machined surfaces with gaps less than 0.10 inch. The sealants are an outstanding dressing for steel, composite, cork, and copper gaskets. They allow gaskets to remain fixed to a part during assembly, avoiding troublesome realignment procedures. Hylomar sealants additionally provide a chemically resistant seal for threaded fittings that are in contact with automotive fuels or coolants (from fuel pumps to head gasket dressings and everything in between).


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