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Duct-Tite is a fibrous paste sealant used for sealing industrial ducting where high temperature and pressure resistance is needed. Applications include paint ovens, drying and curing ovens, flue stacks, heat exchangers, or any other high temperature ducting which may or may not see pressure.

During joint assembly, sealant will flow into rough or irregular surfaces to provide a durable seal. Duct-Tite expands under heat and cures to a leathery like consistency, and will not crack due to thermal cycling or vibration. Sealant will outlast silicone above 500°F and is inert to most industrial chemicals. Joint disassembly is easy as the sealant does not excessively harden which allows for quick separation. Duct-Tite is not classified as a hazardous material and is able to be shipped by any means worldwide.

Typical Applications

  • Paint, drying and curing ovens

  • Flue Stacks

  • Heat Exchangers

  • Other high-temperature ducting (both pressure and non-pressure applications)


  • Non-shrinking and non-cracking

  • Remains pliable to withstand thermal cycling

  • Outlasts silicones above 500°F

  • Not affected by most industrial chemicals

  • Duct-Tite is not classified as a hazardous material and is able to be shipped worldwide by any means

  • Duct-Tite is available through our Just-In-Time shipping program


duct-tite highperformace sealant


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