Steel Mill Sealants

Specialty Steel Mill Products and Formulations

IGS Industries manufactures several products used in the ferrous and non-ferrous molten metals industry. From years of serving the steel industry, we are proud to bring considerable expertise to steel industry sealants, but we also serve a wide range of industries with exceptional quality and results. Our products have a long history of success in sealing the difficult-to-seal areas of the continuous casting process such as dummy bars, top plates, and degasser lids.

In addition to our ability to create custom formulations, we also feature the following products as solutions for the steel industry:

  • MP-300
    A mastic refractory material that has several uses in the continuous molten metal casting industry, including dummy bar packing, dummy bar repair, sen anti-splash guards, and many more.

  • Ladle-Lip Protector
    Ladle-Lip Seal is a protective covering for ladle lips during slag raking or used as a gasket for degassed lids.

  • Mill-Pac Gray
    Mill-Pac is a heavy paste sealant for use in primary metal, foundry and smelter industries, as well as for sealing boiler and oven doors and burners.

  • KelSeal
    KelSeal is an alumina-carbon, resin-bonded joint sealant used between slide late plates, nozzles, and sens around the ladle and tundish areas.

  • Custom Sealant Formations
    IGS can create custom sealants to meet your specifications and tough working environments.

For more information about specific steel working applications and how IGS Industries can help, please contact us.

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