MP-3000 Sealant

MP-3000 Sealant at IGS Industries

MP-3000 is a refractory mastic gasket material that has several uses in the continuous molten metal casting industry, including dummy bar packing, sealing molds to floors, anti-splash guard on SENs, and many more. As the joint is coupled, MP-3000 will flow to seal off rough or irregular surfaces, and then will expand up to 20% as heat is applied.

MP-3000 is superior to Vee board for several reasons:

  • No need for exact measurements on cutting packing for dummy bars. MP-3000 is supplied in spools or cut-to-length segments and will smash together at the overlap joint to give you 100% solid coverage. Mold packing time is cut in half with MP-3000 and is much simpler to accomplish.
  • Will not contaminate zones or water filtration systems. MP-3000 disintegrates to dust after the dummy bar moves out of the mold. There are no long fibrous strands that will hang in the zones or clog filters.

MP-3000 is available in a non-RCF formulation for environmental purposes, as well as an extended-shelf-life blend.

Typical Applications

  • Steelmaking

  • Sealing open bottom molds to floors

  • Pack around SEN’s for anti-splash protection

  • Continuous casting dummy bar packing


  • Versatile and convenient to use
  • Conforms to rough or misaligned equipment
  • Equipment is easily cleaned after use
  • Resists temperatures up to 2900°F
  • Will not bake onto the equipment
  • MP-3000 is not classified as a hazardous material and is able to be shipped worldwide by any means

  • MP-3000 is available through our Just-In-Time shipping program


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