Processes / Capabilities

  • Cutting & Punching

  • Milling/Boring

  • CNC

  • Turning

  • Drilling

  • Painting

  • Hydraulic Testing Units

  • Hydraulic Vertical Presses

  • Granite Inspection Table

  • Hansford Keyseater

  • Cincinnati 24″ Shaper

  • Welding

All fab services from light to heavy.

Fabrication Specialists

Our metal fabricating department staff are experts in cutting, bending, and assembling steel and other metals to precise specifications. As a division of our metal shop, our fabrication specialists are well-versed in the mechanical assemblies and weldments of structures produced from various raw materials and constructed parts. Our fabrication services include heat treatment, bending (using a CNC press brake), equipment repairs (including hoppers and bins), roll forming using pinch rollers, industrial frame manufacturing and assembly, oven soldering, plastic fabrication, punching, shearing, and welding.

Experienced Welders

Our certified, experienced welders bring a level of expertise not found in most metal fabrication companies. In addition to completing projects on point and on time, our welders identify and adjust to situations to prevent warping of the weldment due to heat, know how to utilize workflow processes to maximize value for our clients, and provide sandblasting and painting services to their completed products.

Formed Parts

IGS Industries has roll forming, press brake, and servo driven press capabilities to form a wide variety of parts. Our pinch rollers are capable of rolling complete cylinders as well as conical sections of steel, stainless, brass, copper, aluminum, and many exotic metals. The programmable press brake is able to produce a variety of bends in succession to go from a flat part to a completed formed part in a matter of a few simple steps. Whether it’s a simple 90 degree bend or a formed box or bracket, we produce to these specifications and anywhere in between. The servo-driven press is capable of forming intricate parts with accuracy and close tolerance repeatability.

Accepted Sources

  • Physical prints

  • Product samples

  • .dxf files

  • .dwg files

  • IGES files developed with AutoCAD and Solidworks.

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